"Let’s open ourselves, and reciprocally our communities, to talking more about death. You chose who you want to have these conversations with - yourself, family, friends, your partner, strangers - you name it! Let’s both speak and listen as the more we look at it, the less “alien” it will be."
- Angela Fama (creator of Death Conversation Game), TEDxECUAD, How Talking About Death Can Make Us Happy
Watch the TEDx talk here


"Yes, whipping out Death Conversation Game at your next game night will infuse the evening with a slightly different tone than Pictionary but you might just walk away feeling a little more connected to your fellow humans."
- Stacey McLachlan, Vancouver Magazine
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"Has anybody brought up the issue of tension? Some people say that if there wasn't tension between lovers, or betwen relationships, they would be a dull relationships... do you think that maybe the reason that speaking about death is so painful, and so difficult, is, like you said, there's many opinions and many ways to look at it... that unless it was talking about it with someone that you truly trust... that that's only when people can feel truly comfortable to talk about death?"
- Mystic-Skeptic Radio Show/Podcast

"It isn’t often we see people sharing their thoughts about death. However, the process of discussing death can open the floodgates to our most empathetic and compassionate selves... Death Conversation Game offers us with a space where we can be vulnerable, curious, and more involved in the subject. It helps us become more present, and, in turn, encourages us to listen to our ideas of life - our human realm that is always on the precipice of death."
- Sarah Armino, SAD Mag
Read the SAD MAG story here


"On New Year’s Eve, I played the Death Conversation Game with my son, his partner and another close friend. These are three people who are very close to me and yet over a period of two hours I learned so much about them, that I likely would ot have learned without this game. The conversation expanded well beyond the topic of death and reflected on many aspects of life itself. We all shared thoughts that we normally keep private. I initiated the game hoping to share my thoughts on death, etc., however the most rewarding aspect for me was what I learned about others. I am looking forward to the next gamemoving, poignant experience that made me realize how important it is to talk about death, openly and candidly, with friends and family. After playing it, I felt closer to friends that I've known for year!."
- Ted Feenstra, Architect

"I thought I had wrapped my head around the topic of death and had some level of comfort with the idea of it, but after playing the game I soon realized that there were many aspects that I had never considered. I am still contemplating these discoveries many days after playing - it was exceptionally informative! - and I look forward to playing it with different groups of people including family and co-workers."
- Alwyn O'Brien, Artist, Educator

"A moving, poignant experience that made me realize how important it is to talk about death, openly and candidly, with friends and family. After playing it, I felt closer to friends that I've known for years."
- Faye Mallett, Marketing Director

"Two girlfriends and I played a few hands over dinner. It was interesting to talk about death and dying with people who I'd never discussed the topic with before. We collectively felt it was refreshing and engaging to talk about a subject that doesn’t come up in typical conversation. While I admit to thinking about death almost daily, no matter what my feelings on the subject are now, I suspect my perspective will change with the passage of time, and for this reason I look forward to sitting down to the cards again many more times as the years tick on. Thanks for giving us this vehicle for generating meaningful and thought-provoking conversation."
- Christina Peressini, Graphic Designer

"The Death Conversation Game evening was a moving and interesting experience for me. I played it with two close friends and five people I haven’t met before. That was not an issue, as everyone was very respectful, welcoming and open for showing and allowing vulnerability. I expected to be more emotional myself - but in fact it was very healing to talk about death and all the related topics within a 'hanging out' situation. It was a lot about listening, which is something so beautiful and powerful. I really appreciate Angela Fama’s work - it is so thoughtful, meaningful and healing for people."
- Marieke Helmke, Teacher's Assistant

"The Death Conversation Game opened up a dialogue with my 10-year-old daughter. Now the topic seems natural and the fear has dissipated. We see now that death is just a different type of change!"
- Sarah M, Maeve D, Mother, daughter (9yrs)

"I highly recommend Death Conversation Game. It's an excellent way to navigate and explore different viewpoints about death with friends, strangers, and loved ones."
- Jenn Pearson, Hairstylist

"I loved the Death Conversation Game. It's amazing how you learn so much about life through death. The game brought me closer to others and myself. I look forward to the next game. Death Conversation Game brings together a variety of people that otherwise wouldn’t have met. It is a strangely social phenomena, where a strong community is born."
- Robert McCormak, Artist

"The game is a beautiful tool to facilitate conversations around death. Thought-provoking and connecting. I’d definitely play it again.”
- Patricia Ruiz, Life Skills and Employment Training Instructor

“The Death Conversation Game is a great way to connect with your inner fear and get familiar with the topic. I would love to play this game in a large group of friends again.”
- Sepideh Yadegar, Filmmaker

"It put the 'fun' in funeral!"
- Robin Kort, Proprietor, Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures

"The game made me feel connected to others and made me realize we're more similar than we know. Definitely will play it again."
- Karen Nguyen, Psychometrist

“This game creates meaningful entry points into difficult conversations. It will undoubtedly have you thinking about death in new ways.”
- Justin Langlois, Professor

“It’s not easy for most of us to talk about deaths… of people close to us, or even of ourselves. This game is a way to open up the conversation, allowing us to discuss and think about these things in a very safe and non-judging environment. I highly recommend it.”
- Tracey P, Marketing Manager, Petcurean

“The Death Conversation Game is a reminder and gentle persuasion to see death as one of the things every soul on this planet shares. The experience crystallizes thoughts, tugs out considerations and builds bridges with the others who embark with us. The game has had a personal impact. Consciously more gentle with thoughts of death, my own, or loved ones', when they arise. Attempting to approach the experience, consideration and preparation more thoughtfully than I have ever before. Starting conversations with family and not changing the subject, shying away, or walking away. I hope to continue this exploration.”
- Olivia Norton, Engineer
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