- Angela Fama, Founder, Death Conversation Game, TEDx How Talking About Death Can Make You Happy

"We may achieve peace - our own inner peace as well as peace between nations - by facing and accepting the reality of our own death.”
- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, On Death and Dying

Death affects everyone. It is inevitable, certain in fact… it really is time to figure out how to have conversations about death."
- Sharon Hartung, Your Digital Undertaker

“To die is to be human and anything human is mentionable. Anything mentionable is manageable."
- Mister Rogers, TV Host, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

“By dodging the talk about our inevitable end, we put both out pocketbooks and our ability to mourn at risk."
- Caitlin Doughty, From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death

“Talking about death may help people work through their fears… having more conversations about death makes it less hard to take."
- Andrea Lambert South, Contradictions and Promise for EOL Communication among Family and Friends: Death over Dinner Conversations

“I talk about death because it’s part of life, not the opposite."
- Christa Zaganas, Paramedic and Co-Host, Let’s Talk About Death

“Death in life. Life in death... if we gain a better understanding of what death is, we'll also know more of what life consists."
- Ray Robertson, How To Die: A Book About Being Alive

"Talking about death brings an awareness and grace to life. Being consciously engaged in the natural cycle of life and death helps us live more fully and will help us die more wisely.”
- Catherine Valentine, Salt Spring Island Natural Cemetery

“As we face this primal fear (of death), we often more fully experience the wonder of being alive."
- Amy Wright Glenn, Holding Space: On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go


“I think if children talked more about it, it would be better, because if someone dies that you know, you’re going to be really upset, and if you've never talked about it, it would be harder for you.”
- Justine (10YRS)

"Yeah, because you can talk about death as a celebration of life, and talk about life and death together. They tell children all about life, and how you are born, but not about dying. It would be better to talk about dying.”
- Lottie (10YRS)
- Sarah Coombs (Justine and Lottie), Death Wears a T-shirt: Listening to Young People Talk About Death