Sunday March 20 2022
10am-12pm PST
With co-hosts Angela Fama, Philosopher Jelena Markovic, Registered Clinical Counsellor Patricia Ruiz, and Grief Support Facilitator Satya Jehman.


Whether you're new to the conversation, or returning, we welcome you to join us.

Many of us think about death in a number of ways (especially during this pandemic): our own or another's, the unknown, loss and grief that can come with change, impermanence and the momental and/or situational deaths that happen daily... maybe you're considering advanced care planning decisions, wanting to expand your understandings on death, or are focused on one specific monumental loss - it could be you haven't actively thought on death and are generally curious about what a conversation on death would entail - it could be all or some of these things - whatever it is, LET'S TALK ABOUT DEATH is a space to talk about it.

The subject's discussed are defined organically by those who chose to join each time, through conversation. There's never pressure to talk about subjects you don't want to discuss, and, each time the questions are presented, depending on your mood or the day, your answers may change.

We're working together to co-create safe spaces for sharing, and listening - as it is, in the moment.